2013 Guidance Notes

This is the 10th anniversary of the event.

It has become evident over the years that some schools come to Creative Spaces far better prepared than others and this has a consequential effect on their eventual performance and the results.

This brief document and check list is intended to offer some assistance and guidance to the schools who will participate in 2013 on how to prepare.

Therefore, it may make the day more beneficial for the students if the schools who are fortunate enough to be selected make sure:-

  • The teacher who will be representing the schools (and bringing the students to the venue) is identified and appointed at the earliest possible date.
  • The school selects 4 students from S2 who have the correct attitude, interest and enthusiasm. This is primarily a building design competition but involves a number of other skills including art, crafts, maths, English, geography and technical abilities.
  • The appointed teacher meets with the students in advance of the event (ideally on more than one occasion) and familiarises each of them as to what to expect on the day. The Creative Spaces website at www.creativespaceschallenge.net as various examples of past briefing documents, activity photographs and models, which can be referred to.

The website will provide all relevant information that the students will need including references to the theme for the 2013 challenge (with the exception of the brief, which will be issued on the day).

  • The programme for the day has been received, the content read and understood.
  • The Information Pack has been received, the content read and understood by both teachers and students

Please note – it is imperative that you read and familiarise yourselves with the content of the Information Pack as this will help you to prepare for Creative Spaces 2013.

  • A questionnaire, which will be sent to the school approximately three weeks before the date of the event. You must bring the answers on the day.

The questions will relate to Design Challenge and the answers will form part of the team’s overall score on the day.

  • It will be helpful if the teacher(s) and pupils are familiar with the concept of scale and the use of a scale rule.

From feedback forms we collect annually, the students generally hugely enjoy the competition and the experience and opportunity that it offers. However, the most consistent difficulties that students appear to face are:

  • Working to a deadline. There is a lot to get through in a busy day.
  • Making their presentation to the rest of the competitors. This year the allocated slot of two minutes will be enforced.

Teachers and students can practice…….?

  • Working out the construction cost of the project. Despite this being relatively straightforward ‘arithmetic’, many students seem to struggle with this item, despite the fact that we are not really looking for 100% accuracy.

We want to reduce the influence that teachers have on the performance of their students so for 2013, the teachers will only be permitted to verbally assist the students for the first 30 minutes in the morning. The use of pencils, pens or the use of any other medium will not be allowed.

Additionally, teachers will not have access to the workshops at lunchtime (as they have in previous years).